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World of Delos® Series by Ben & Mary Ezzell, et al
                            4/20/07 with AMLA #1Monster File and Desert Plots (AMLA #2)
                                         as well as Handbook of Traps & Tricks, Dragon Tree Spell Book,
                                         Monstrous Civilizations of Delos, and Delian Book of the Dead
Arduin® Grimoires IV-VIII by David A. Hargrave
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World of Delos® Series  by Ben & Mary Ezzell, et al
           These 4 books are digest-size, c. 100 pages each, densely-, er, richly-packed.

The Handbook of Traps and Tricks

$11.95 + shipping

The Dragon Tree Spell Book

$11.95 + shipping

Over 100 traps with stats, all playable, no 'instant-killer' traps. Insanity tables, etc.
Over 200 spells with stats, Level 0 to Dragon Magic.   Design your own system with Unified Field Theory of Magic Systems. Fumble tables, lots of stuff on Percentage and Fumble systems.

The Delian Book of the Dead

$11.95 + shipping

The Monsterous Civilizations of Delos

$11.95 + shipping

Rules for running your dead characters?!? As phantoms to harass the living, in anyone's game system, or .... Lots of spells, artifacts, misc for your ON-GOING dead characters. Also Character class Archeologist (just like you-know-who....) ... pets for PCs, devious Delian spiders.... 
Lots of weird miscellaneous stuff: spells, artifacts, traps, etc. The Ogre Nations of Delos, the Forests of Night, Wampyr and Wool-O-The-Wisp ... the REAL perils of succubii, how to get a Giant drunk ... etc.... Overall a dastardly miscellany of new traps, poisons, artifacts....

Set of Four Handbooks (traps, spells, Monsterous Civs, Book of the Dead)

Save by buying all four titles together 

See individual title descriptions above

$44.00 + shipping

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Other Titles from the World of Delos®

The following are 8 1/2 x 11 saddle-staple bound, approx 30 densely-packed pages each.
Typography in these three is Homebrew Collectible: typewriter small print.
We have limited numbers of Monster File and Desert Plots available. We have just re-issued Amazon Mutual Wants You!
We hope to reissue Book of Plots and Book of Artifacts soon.



     Amazon Mutual Wants You!   (AMLA #1)   4 modules

            Now in parchment cover, still 8 1/2 x 11 saddle-staple bound, approx 30 densely packed pages.

Four modules suitable for low-level thinking players or mid-level hackers. Most jobs for
Amazon Mutual Life Assurance Company involve rescuing prisoners or recovering bodies of
policy holders and returning the for resurrection -- but not always! Expect the consistent,
sneaky and devious!

$11.95 + shipping          


     Monster File                                                 

          48 new fantastic monsters, all levels, illustrated on one side, full
ready-to-play (1980s)  stats on the other.
(May be cut into Monster Cards if desired.)
Pick A Card and Roll For Initiative!

$11.95 + shipping          



     Desert Plots (AMLA #2)    2 modules plus outlines
                                         A desert mystery campaign

    This bastardized cross between AMAZON MUTUAL WANTS YOU! and BOOK OF PLOTS
sends players to rescue the kidnapped Scholar Rocmirra in the Great Southern Desert.
Includes two ready to play modules and five plot outlines.
Includes the rescue of Belworth George, Paladin of St. Fallwell
but what immoral temptation does he need rescuing from...?

$11.95 + shipping          


     Set of 3 booklets - modules and monsters
Monster File, Amazon Mutual Wants You!, and Desert Plots

See individual titles for details.

$33.00 + shipping          

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Product Details

The Handbook of Traps and Tricks
by Ben & Mary Ezzell, et al


The Handbook of Traps and Tricks offers a modern rendering of the Azure Manuscript of Master Engineer Humphrey Tappercoom (a.k.a., The Blue Book of Hengist). The Handbook details over 100 fully-statted, ready-to-play dungeon traps whether Magickal, Mechanical or Techno -- Low-level, High or Super-complex.  No Instant-Killer traps are included!  These are playable traps -- clues precede each, escape is possible and responses require brains, not monte-haul hardware.

Note: all traps are rated by level of danger and, with the able assistance of the priests of Jocus, for both playability and humorous aspects.


Table of Contents (abbreviated)


An extensive introduction by Master Engineer Humprey Tappercoom on the use, placement and construction of traps both interior (and underground) as well as in the open / countryside.

Passages and Other Ways

Obviously, without recourse to passages, paths, hallways and other channels of movement, yon doughy adventurers are unlike to threaten access ... therefore, what better location to discourage them?

Stairways to the Stars

Stairways are always a prime opportunity for entrapment of the unwary ... or, for that matter, the wary as well ... and even a single step can suffice to entrap those who step not wisely but too well.

Doors and Other Dangers

I know death hath ten thousand several doors
For men to take their exits
                  Webster, Duchess of Malfi

Rooms and Other Chambers

Traps aren't limited to doors, passages or stairs ... in some cases, entire rooms become the traps ... or worse ...

Have I Got A Trap for You

Because there are always those super-adventurers who are impervious, immune or otherwise untouchable ...

Maya and Other Illusions

Things are not always what they seem ... or what some think they appear ... or are they?  Discovering the answers can be half the fun ... for someone.

Hemlock, Henbane & Horror

Poisons can do much worse than merely kill ... and, at times, death could even be a kindness.

Spikes ... Bars ... Problems

Stone walls may not a prison make nor iron bars a cage ... but they can still disrupt our happy explorer's blithe dreams of glory in a most amusing way.

A Little Ray of Sunshine

... can be most enlightening ...

How To Trip Your Trap and Other Diversions

While a simple trigger is all very well, psychologically, it's much more satisfying if our victims are forced to expend a bit of effort to get themselves into trouble

Bazaar of the Bizarre

Here are more than merely traps but an assortment of richly magical constructs which are as much wonders as they are impediments to progress.

Treasure Hath A Charm Unknown

Isn't it nice that we (as dungeon masters) can always depend on the adventurer's subtle sense of greed to ensure that they become properly and thoroughly ensnared?

Additional Tables / Charts

Insanity Tables

Tables 1 & 2 provide an assortment of random insanities with which to inflict those who are too headstrong for their own safety.

Random Effect Tables

Tables 3 & 4 offer temporary and permanent random effects which may be inflicted by magical traps.

Random Phobia / Philia Chart

A fear of coins?  A liking for liches?  And much much more.

Trap Detection Tables

Just what chances do your players have for detecting a trap?  Aside from stepping in it, of course.

Monsters and Traps

Some monsters have a positive affection for traps ... do you know the signs?

Time/Total Chart

How much time (playing time, of course) does a trap require?  This will help you manage your players' adventures.

The Dragon Tree Spell Book
by Ben & Mary Ezzell, et al


The Dragon Tree Spell Book offers more than 200 spells including Dragon Magicks and Zero Level Spells.  Also included are excerpts from Theologian Newton's Theory of the Four Manas -- a unified field theory of the four major magick systems known in the gaming Multiverse, check lists for constructing your own magick system and rules for Impromptu Spells 

Table of Contents (abbreviated)

The Four Known Magic Systems

Discusses the four known systems of magic found throughout the Multiverse as:

Personal Magic

In a personal magic system, individuals (or objects) hold a level of poser used to cast spells with each spell 'costing' a portion of their personal mana points.

Percentage & Fumble

In many mana-rich worlds, the success of a spellcasting varies with experience and talent but success is never completely assured.

Local Mana

In local-mana worlds, the mana for casting a spell is drawn from an area or region and may be locally exhausted, needing time to become renewed.


In mana-poor worlds, spells must be individually memorized and, once learned, can be used only once before being learned again.

Impromptu Magical Spells

Impromptu spells don't always work ... or, perhaps, don't always work in the manner expected but, depending on how they are cast, may work very well indeed.

Zero Level Spells

Zero level spells (a.k.a. cantrips) are those relatively mundane magics which are used for industrial and housekeeping tasks by virtually anyone in a magical society.  While commonly considered minor, these spells -- when properly used -- are still valuable and even essential.

First Level Spells

The twenty-one first level spells described include Andrea's Rambling Clew, Hawk Vision, Hard Water, Marti Gras Special and many, many more.

Second Level Spells

More than two dozen second level spells include such varied abilities as Druidic Sanctuary, Image Inscrption, Magical Conscience, Show Business and Water Shape.

Third Level Spells

A host of third level spells include Erase Scent, Foul Weather, Lariat, Runes of Fire, Unseen Accountant and much more.

Fourth Level Spells

A wealth of fourth level spells encompass such abilities as Alter Tensile Strength, Cold Fire, Forked Lightning, Instant Baroque, Stealthy Fagin, Righteous Runes of Fire and Telemar's Truth Tell.

Fifth Level Spells

At the fifth level, spells include Conceal Trap, Illumination Flare, Murphey's Law, Shadow Creations, and Summon Poltergeist.

Sixth Level Spells

Spells at the sixth level include Chorus & Fugue of Magic Mouths, Instant Elsewhere, Power Word: Mute, See Other Planes and the Warlock's Disc.

Seventh Level Spells

Seventh level spells allow the caster to Attack Other Planes, assume Lycanthrope Power, use Spud Flynn's Summons Spell and create Symbols of Effect ... as well as many other skills.

Eighth Level Spells

At the eighth level, spells include Baron Samdi's Voodoo Spell, Control Ball Lightning, Sanctify and others.

Ninth Level Spells

Ninth level spells cover such skills as Egor's Egress / Engress Eliminator, Reginold's Mana Regenerator, Visual Augury and Time Speed / Time Slow.

Tenth Level Spells

Reaching the tenth level, such spells as Disenchant, Newton's Spell of Drawing the Backlash and Soul Swap.

Dragon Magic

While little is known of the magics used by those of the draconic races, here are a selection of spells including Animate Object, Body Part Teleportation, Shadow Walking and Time Stop.

Monstrous Civilizations of Delos
aka Monsterous Civilizations


In Delos, Monsters aren't always ... visit the Ogre Nations of Delos, travel the Forests of Night and meet the legendary Wampyr and their Wool-o-the-Wisp and explore the legendary Broken Lands where even the normal is stranger than you can imagine.  As you journey through the Monstrous Civilizations of Delos, you'll learn the real perils of succubii, how to get a giant drunk and (maybe) what has become of the fabled Gnoptic Chalice.  Overall a dastardly miscellany of new traps, poisons, artifacts....

Table of Contents (abbreviated)

Intoxication, Its Insidious, Debilitating Effects

Given the commonality of intoxicating beverages throughout the worlds of the multiverse, it is always well to consider the effects of consumption on the characters indulging.

Preventions, Cures and Other Notions

Given the general habit of indulgence, opportunistic alchemists (and others) have been quick to offer a variety of cures ... of various levels of efficacy.

Hangover Cures

... and some cures can be stranger than others ...

Character History

When creating a character for FRP gaming, it's always good to know the character's background and antecedents.  These Character History tables will aid in creating appropriate backgrounds.

The Open Market

It is said -- with some justification -- that anything can be found at the Open Market ... Anything, however, is a very broad term and there may be others who are shopping as well ... but what they're shopping for ... could be you.

Objects of Uncertain Value

Offers a selection of unusual objects which have been found at the Open Markets of Delos

Venerial Diseases of the Succubi & Incubi

As everyone knows, there are dangers associated with encounters with succubi and incubi ... but some dangers are stranger than others ... and some are strange indeed!

The Aeolean Web

The strands of the Aeolean Web are many and serve to connect the many diverse worlds which comprise the Multiverse.  Traveling the Web, however, can be an adventure of its own.

Mad Minor Craftsmen of Delos

Did you ever stop to wonder where that strange magickal object originated? Do you know what twisted craftsman created the arcana mysterious you last fumbled free at great costs? Here is a list of some few of the mad artificers found in the Delian realms.

Legends of the Broken Lands

Far to the west, past the hated Gray Lands and beyond the Coast of Cormandel lies the region known only as the Broken Lands -- a once green and fertile land of culture and civilization but, ere since the Day the Sky Fell, a place of strange and mysterious peoples and events.

Magickal Technologies & Technological Magicks

In the lands of Delos, technologies have met magicks and, together, the two have each become rich and strange enough to stretch belief beyond its limits.

Delian Societies -- Secret and Public

The Delian Commonwealth is an amalgamation of many lands, races and cultures and, as such, contains a wide variety of social and fraternal organizations both public and very, very private.

Powers and Gods of Delos

Because Delos is known for its open religious freedoms, many gods, goddesses and powers have migrated to Delos where they enjoy the freedom to be worshiped according to their desires.  Here a number of the major powers are described just as, following, many of the lesser deities are introduced.

Other Gods of Delos

Virtually extinct, the Nine Forgotten Ones have now been revived by searchers from the Temple of the Unknown Gods.

Beastly Deities of Delos

In Delos, deities are not limited to the humanoid races and include...

Feline Deities

... deities favored by the feline races ...

Equine Deities

... and those favored by the equine species ...

Superior Inns and Taverns of Delos

While there are a wide variety of establishments serving travelers in the Delian Commonwealth, we provide a listing of some of the better taverns and roadhouses found in various regions. All are rated according to accommodations, victuals and beverages (including some "temperance" establishments).

The Forests of Night

The Forests of Night are luxuriant rain-forests which form the habitat of such races as the Wampyr.  A nomadic culture tending their Wool-O-The-Wisp, the Wampyr are gracious hosts who are always willing to welcome visitors.

Ogre Cultures of Delos

While ogres are often seen as "monsters" or, at best, uncultured brutes, in Delos, the ogre race has reached a high level of civilization and the visiting tourist will be fascinated by the variety of ogre customs while the adventurous epicure will find many interesting and unusual dishes to delight their palate.

The Case of the Gnoptic Chalice

The Case of the Gnoptic Chalice -- an Amazon Mutual Life Assurance mission -- is set in the Ogre Nations.  This adventure is designed for thinking players only and hack-and-slay adventurers are unlikely to fare well.

The Delian Book of the Dead
by Ben & Mary Ezzell, et al

Rules for running your dead characters?!?


In addition to the far traveller's vade mecum of the Planes of the Abyss and the multitudinous realms of the Neather Worlds, The Delian Book of the Dead includes a dastardly miscellany of new traps, poisons, artifacts, devious Delian spiders, character class Archeologist, Master Thracian's Apologia of Grave Robbing, character class Deceased and much more ...

Absolutely essential... the one volume which no Ghost (or Mortal) should be without ... A. Bierce -- Stygian Review

$11.95 + shipping

In Fantasy Role-Play, death is real and important but, as in life, it is also much ignored.  When a Player Character dies, the event is treated with only slightly more importance than the death of an NPC or a monster.  However, this need not be the case and, in Delos at least, death can sometimes simply be the beginning.
The Delian Book of the Dead introduces the Character Class: Deceased (Phantom) along with an examination of the role of the departed spirit as a Player Character.  Other topics include funeral rites, phantom magicks and other spirit-related magicks as well as the nature of the afterlife and the Planes of the Abyss and other matters of importance to those recently deceased.
Table of Contents (abbreviated)

Character Class: Deceased (Phantom)

While not all who die are capable of returning as phantoms, for those who do, a life after death can be a rewarding existence.

Phantom Class Abilities & Limitations

Just as death brings an end to old abilities, life as a phantom -- if you'll pardon the expression -- brings new skills and fresh possibilities.

Phantom Magicks

While mortal magicks are of little use to those of the phantasmal persuasions, life after death does not mean that there are no magicks to be mastered. 

New Spells & Spirit-Related Magicks

While little attention is paid elsewhere to magicks used by mortals in connection with spirits, those adventuring with phantoms may well find these new spells useful in their endeavors.

Character Class: Archaeologist

Long before Indiana Jones appeared, archaeological adventurers were wandering the paths and byways of Delos.  Sharing some of the abilities of the Thieves class, Archaeologist have their own skills, interests and abilities.

Notable Tombs of Delos

Excerpted from The Complete Cracksman by Professor R. J. Raffles, Prof. Emeritus of the University School of the Delian Thieves Guild, Professor Raffles was well noted for her personal investigations of many of the more remote areas of the Delian Commonwealth.

Funeral Rites of the Commonwealth

Quite aside from possible personal participation, the wise adventurer may well find a knowledge of both guild and regional funeral rites an advantage in remaining among the living.

Gem Stones & Other Jewels

It's all very well to scoop up a chance handful of gems in the hopes of finding them profitable ... but how well do you know your gemstones ... and not just which ones are profitable but which ones are safe to handle at all?

Natural Hazards & Other Dangers

In Delos, the adventurer not only must contend with monsters and wildlife but should also be wary of less obvious dangers ... because some are not obvious at all.

And Doors On New Vistas Opening

Most are accustomed to using doors without a second thought ... but, occasionally, doors are more than they appear ...

Arms and Armour

... of course, weapons are not always the answer ... but they are, sometimes, the question ...

A Gentle Cup of Poison From the Hand of a Friend

Accomplishing the transition from the world of the living to the Planes Beyond may be undertaken in many ways ... and one such route might be ...

Mirrors and Other Windows

As we all are aware, ghosts and other specters, like vampires, can not be seen in mirrors ... or can they ...?

And, For Light Reading,...

Notes on books, scrolls and other writings which may be encountered while adventuring ... but not always safely ...

A Matter of Menagerie

On the care, seeking and acquisition of strange pets ... (and the consequences of living with them later...)

The Book of the Planes

Just as the Delian Commonwealth encompasses many diverse peoples, so too does the Delian afterlife present a diversity of places, planes and regions which are commonly referred to as the Neather Planes, the Abyss or the Great Beyond.  In some cases, these regions are even accessible to mortals (via the Well of the Worlds) and a number of the more popular regions and their inhabitants are described here.

The Horn of Hern

The Horn of Hern is an adventure designed for the recently deceased but is not limited to those who have passed beyond. As a mission offered by Amazon Mutual Life Assurance, this is a challenge for the living and the dead alike ... and may lead to a most singular conclusion.

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Dragon Tree Press has been in business since 1981. ISBN prefix 0-940918, SAN 217-3557

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