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World of Delos Series  from Dragon Tree Press
Supplements Compatible with Most Major Role-Playing Games 


The Handbook of Traps and Tricks

$11.95 + shipping

The Dragon Tree Spell Book

$11.95 + shipping

Over 100 traps with stats, all playable, no 'instant-killer' traps. Insanity tables, etc.
Over 200 spells with stats, Level 0 to Dragon Magic. Unified Field Theory of Magic Systems. Fumble tables, lots of stuff on Percentage and Fumble systems.

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The Delian Book of the Dead

$11.95 + shipping

The Monstrous Civilizations of Delos

$11.95 + shipping

Rules for running your dead characters?!? As phantoms to harass the living, in anyone's game system, or .... Lots of spells, artifacts, misc for your ON-GOING dead characters. Also Character class Archeologist (just like you-know-who....) ... pets for PCs, devious Delian spiders.... 
Lots of weird miscellaneous stuff: spells, artifacts, traps, etc. The Ogre Nations of Delos, the Forests of Night, Wampyr and Wool-O-The-Wisp ... the REAL perils of succubii, how to get a Giant drunk ... etc.... Overall a dastardly miscellany of new traps, poisons, artifacts....

Four Handbooks (4 Titles)

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$44.00 + shipping

Other Titles from the World of Delos

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The Book
of Artifacts


( 8 1/2 x 11, staple bound )

The Book
of Plots


Approximately 200 magic items with full stats (compatible with any TSR style rule set). Also extensive rules for player characters to construct their own magic items in a Percentage and Fumble world.
Plot outlines for over 30 adventures to be inserted into ready-made or original modules of any game system. Each includes detailed rumors, pre-dungeon clues and encounters, NPCs, etc.


Also available from the World of Delos

We have a limited supply of the following Out-of-Print Delos item:

Beyond the Sacred Table

by Chuck Montgomery and Ben and Mary Ezzell.
 Introduction to Live Action Gaming, lots of practical suggestions -- and a lot of good campaign material useful in Live Action or regular table-top gaming

$11.95 + shipping


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